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Practical, scientifically-validated and cost effective care.

Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC and his team of providers are accepting new patients, both locally and distance. Patients can be seen in person or via our HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform ZOOM.

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What is the Process?

Step 1

Pre-Exam Assessment

(With a Ruscio Institute trained Health Coach)​


In your first visit, you will connect with one of our highly trained health coaches to review your health history. This visit is important as it allows us to personalize your care while answering any questions about our approach to health.

What to expect?

You will spend 20 minutes with one of the Ruscio Institute trained Health Coaches clarifying details on your intake form to ensure the best care plan possible.

In addition, we will answer any questions regarding our process and next steps of your health journey.

This provides your doctor with the most current and accurate information regarding your health, enhancing our ability to find and address root causes.
At the end of this visit, you will schedule your two physician visits.

Step 2

Physician Treatment Consultations

Cost for 2 appointments with a doctor – $655

What to expect?

Prior to these visits, your doctor has already reviewed your case in detail. You will not need to repeat information that you’ve previously shared with our team.

These visits allow your doctor to fully understand your case so that we can help you to feel better as soon as possible.

During your initial exam, you can expect:

  • To help your doctor review specific areas of your medical history
  • Your physician to intensely listen to your specific case to understand what may have been missed by previous providers
  • A focus on those clinical issues that we find hold many patients back from healing

After this visit, your doctor will go back through your case and come up with a step by step plan to get you better.

Your physician will review their plan for you and make sure that their treatment strategy is a good fit for you, ensuring you receive treatment that is cost effective and practical.

During your first follow-up visit, the doctor will provide you with a Report of Findings.

What you can expect:

  • Evidence based treatment recommendations
  • A practical approach in which you are given only the most important treatments
  • The minimal amount of supplements needed to help you heal.
  • The broadest diet that your physician feels will help you
  • Thoughtful and conservative use of lab work and testing if needed
Step 3

Follow Up Visits

At each follow-up visit, your physician will review your response to treatment. This allows us to continually modify your treatment plan to get you better as soon as possible.

Follow-up visits are highly recommended so we can continue to work through our comprehensive data-driven roadmap leading you to full recovery and optimal health.

During Follow-Up Visits, the doctor will:

  • Monitor your response to treatment
  • Review lab findings and order any follow up testing as needed as treatment progresses.
  • Adjust treatment as needed

Why do patients choose Dr. Ruscio, DC?

Put simply, because Dr. Ruscio, DC strives to get patients well, quickly and cost effectively. Dr. Ruscio, DC strongly believes that care in Integrative and Functional Healthcare has become overly costly and often involves unnecessary testing and treatment, thus wasting a significant amount of a patient’s time and money. Additionally, he is concerned that some of the testing and treatment often done are based upon dogma and not sound science, which is why he is conducting research at the clinic.

Some patients begin to feel better within days to weeks, while for others it may take months. This is highly specific to the individual, and Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team can provide you a specific prognosis during your Report of Findings visit.

While its challenging to make a guarantee in health care, we believe Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team provide care you can’t get anywhere else.

Here is why: Dr. Ruscio, DC dedicates three days per week to digging through the medical literature to stay abreast of the best testing and treatment options available. He also analyzes results from in-office research, where he reviews patient treatment results to identify key patterns in order to make treatment more effective. Dr. Ruscio, DC is also collecting data on unique treatments he offers in the clinic, the results of which he hopes to have published in a peer review medical journal. Dr. Ruscio, DC is passionate about tracking patient outcomes. Instead of blindly following current dogma, Dr. Ruscio, DC is determined to use those tracking outcomes to uncover which treatments work and which treatments don’t.

How much will this cost?

It’s difficult to list an exact amount because different people will require differing amounts of care. However, Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team pride themselves on being cost-effective with his care.

What does that mean?

It means Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team will not order frivolous testing, prescribe unnecessary treatment, or do anything else that could squander your financial resources.

This is one area where fees can quickly add up. However, we hope you will be relieved to hear that Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team are able to obtain excellent results with minimal lab testing. In most cases he may only require roughly $150-300 of testing, and in some cases no initial lab testing will be required. Dr.Ruscio, DC also suggests or requires minimal follow up testing, if any.

Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team usually asks to see a patient once a month while being treated. It is not required to come in person unless seeking insurance coverage or depending on the severity of the case, treatment length can range from three months to over a year.

Cost is heavily dependent on the person. Dr. Ruscio, DC and his team always opt for the most minimal treatment, and his goal is to get you to a point where you no longer require treatment as quickly as possible.

Our care is consistently less expensive than the majority of functional healthcare care. This is because he places special emphasis on reducing the hidden costs of lab testing and ongoing treatment that are often found in other functional healthcare environments.

We recommend watching Dr. Ruscio’s, DC numerous patient testimonials, where you will likely find several people with your exact complaints he has helped: