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We are happy to provide a referral source for challenging patients or clients who are in need. Simply provide the requested information below, and we will reach out and take care of the rest! 

You can rest assured that all referrals will receive care that is in line with our principles and our mission of providing evidence based, cost-efficient, and practical healthcare.

All new patients can be seen within 2-4 weeks.

This includes a model of care that is:

  • Progressive yet cautious

  • Cost effective

    Will not order unnecessary lab work Will not use copious amounts of supplements

  • Devoid of overzealousness and fear mongering

  • Science Based

  • Focused on treating the root cause

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*We will follow up with each referral individually to begin the intake and booking process.

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We take your referrals seriously. Please refer your family and friends who are serious about improving their health.

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