Our Process

“I saw a Functional Medicine Doctor and spent thousands of dollars on testing and supplements, and I’m still not better!”

Traditional Functional Medicine practices typically use expensive, inaccurate or unvalidated lab tests to guide treatment. At the RIFM, we listen to you. 

After filling out a detailed intake form that is tailored to identifying practical solutions you then meet with one of our staff members who works to organize your history and passes on your case to our doctors. Your physician will then go through your case in detail and will begin taking notes to identify potential areas to work on with you. At your First Visit, your Physician will ask specific questions based on your history and listen very closely to find the best treatments to help you. Afterward, your Physician will then review your entire case and apply Dr. Ruscio’s proven and effective Model to come up with a personalized care plan. You will go over these recommendations together at the Second Visit.

At Follow Up Visits, you will share your individual response to treatment and work with your clinician to make any tweaks or changes as necessary. We’ve spent decades learning from our patients, and have the experience to understand which treatments make a difference, and which do not. Let us guide you through the practical steps that help you to feel better.

Complicated Health Journey? No Problem.

You may be looking for help after failing another approach but still feeling poorly. Happily, our team of “medical detectives” takes pride in being able to help even the trickiest cases by looking at the big picture and finding areas or treatments that may have been previously overlooked, then helping you implement them. Because you deserve the best clinical expertise available, we have spent years sorting through the science, interviewing the experts, and organizing the most effective treatments into a Method that consistently helps struggling patients. At the same time, our Research Team is hard at work analyzing the latest science to bring you the latest solutions. We are proud to share our expertise in the Future of Functional Medicine Review, where we teach other clinicians how to help even their most complicated cases.

Gut Experts (Healthy Gut, Healthy You)

While everyone requires an individual approach, we spend a lot of time working with our patients on improving their gastrointestinal health.

This is because a surprising number of symptoms and problems resolve when the gut is healed. We love helping patients improve their brain fog, anxiety, or female hormone imbalances by working with their gut.

Finally, we have found that even our patients who are suffering with other problems, such as mold toxicity, heal quicker when their gut health is improved first. 

Functional Medicine, Simplified.

Functional Medicine is the simple idea of addressing the causes of disease rather than covering up symptoms with prescriptions or supplements. 

Finding the underlying issues that cause you to feel poorly is not complicated, but it does take a practitioner who knows how to listen closely, and the experience to know which solutions work, and which do not. We are frequently able to help many patients who have not improved under other Practitioners because we obsess over applying the most effective treatments rather than getting distracted by inaccurate lab testing or the latest fad.

From lifestyle imbalances to chronic gut disorders, inappropriate supplementation to toxic exposures, we will help you learn the reasons that you are struggling, and share with you the practical ways to feel better.

Cost-Effective Care

Unfortunately, too many patients have wasted thousands of dollars on inaccurate functional medicine tests.

The truth is that many of these tests do not help a doctor understand which treatments are the most likely to help you, some are inaccurate, and a few are fraudulent.

We promise not to waste your time or money on unnecessary testing.

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