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We prepare in advance for each visit. We synthesize health history and clinical information, and formulate an individualized treatment plan that fits the patient’s story, signs, and symptoms. By valuing our patient’s time and preparing effectively, we can make our functional and integrative services more affordable.

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Happy and Healthy Patients since 2015

I can’t believe how good I feel now

I can’t believe how used to feeling bad that I was, and that I accepted that that was how my life was just going to be, with the low energy and mounting symptoms that I had. I’m so grateful.


Feeling much better

My energy is way up. My mental clarity, my mood, my happiness have all returned. Things are getting better every day. I know that my life will be fully back on track, whereas before I wondered if it would ever happen.


It’s changed my life

I’ve noticed that I kind of get very, very minimum symptoms coming back. I’ve been very happy with the treatment plan. 



It’s just been wonderful to trust your recommendations, go forward, and then bam, they work. I’m happy.


I've lost that fear

I’ve trusted you completely. You’re just so knowledgeable. I just want to tell people don’t be scared. Come in!


For the first time in years, I have relief

This is the best I’ve felt in a very long time. I feel younger, but I’m getting older.


Thyroid Nodule Success

Within three days, the swelling was gone, amazingly! And I kept waiting for it to come back. It didn’t come back.


Improved Blood Sugar

My blood sugar started dropping. I’m at 104 or 114. And I used to be, when they first discovered this, I was 347. So it was pretty serious. It was just amazing. 


Success with Graves Disease

This whole journey taught me how to eat better. It’s given me better habits on just living life and changing my lifestyle.


Taking less pain medication

My energy level is better, and my weight is up, and I’m sort of where I want to be. I’m pretty much eating what I want. So, all is pretty good


I’m just so thankful.

It’s just a real blessing, the whole focus of my world all my life has been weight loss, and now to have this stuff fixed, yay! Being able to go out to lunch, go shopping and do more than two things in a week is amazing. I’m so thankful that you are around and that you help people. 


Improved Energy, Sleep and Pain

I’ve picked up 10 pounds, which is the first time in the past five or six years I’ve seen the scale move in the right direction for me. The chills I was having completely diminished. So I’ve seen a lot of success.

North Carolina

Beating SIBO

The best move I made was starting up with you and really getting someone who knows how to stop the SIBO relapse from going on, and I’m so happy I did because I wouldn’t be here doing the things I’m doing now if it weren’t for that.


I’m just very pleased

I feel fantastic. I am sleeping at night. I’m almost off my blood pressure medications and seem to be doing well with that. My heartburn has subsided. My energy is wonderful. And the thyroid problem seems to be in check. It’s been very successful.


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