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Improving your health is one of the best investments of time and energy you can make. As someone (Dr. Ruscio) who suffered from fatigue, brain fog, and depression, I was thrilled to get my life back.

Our team would be honored to help you improve how you are feeling. We promise to get you better as fast as possible, to avoid wasting money on bogus lab testing, use supplements mindfully, and avoid fear and dogma around diet.

If this resonates, please take the next step toward better health.

Can you help me?

As you likely already know, digestive health can impact a wide array of systems of the body and resultant symptoms. This is our main area of focus, and because of this, there are many seemingly unrelated symptoms we can usually help improve.

When combining this with the fact that Dr. Ruscio and our research team are constantly reviewing the science and using this to enhance our care model, we feel confident that you are in good hands.

As you start the process, we will progressively be better able to answer this question.

In our observation, one of the reasons individuals don’t obtain the results they seek with other healthcare providers is because the provider doesn’t listen and tends to force the individual into a one-size-fits-all model, rather than conforming and personalizing a care plan to the individual. This personalized care is the essence of Dr. Ruscio’s model, Evidence-Guided Empiricism, and why we can often help when other healthcare providers have not.

Getting Started

Dr. Ruscio and our team feel they have one of the most effective methods for gathering actionable data about you, enabling them to most effectively personalize your care.

An immense amount of thought and analysis goes into getting you started so that we ensure you will be feeling better as soon as possible.

Investment Summary

Getting Started

  • Step 1: $99 to perform Intake Visit
  • Steps 2 & 3: $795 for your next two visits, which includes
    • History & Analysis visit (your doctor meets with you to analyze your case)
    • Follow Up Visit (your doctor provides a detailed list of personalized recommendations)

Follow Up Visits

  • Routine Follow Up Visits: $289
  • Follow-Ups with Dr. Ruscio: $389

How long and how much?

In the best-case scenario, we can improve your health within 1-2 months.

In other cases, seeing significant improvements may take us 6-8 months.

Best case cost (not including supplements) = roughly $1,200

Longer case cost (not including supplements) = $2,995

Our promise to you

As Dr. Ruscio likes to say, “We are a no-nonsense office.” Our aim is results. If we are not getting results, we will modify our approach until we do, so that you can see improvements quickly. We want to save you time and money. Dr. Ruscio and our team take this very seriously.

Why Work with Us?

Responsible, Cost-Effective Functional Health

We understand that alternative and functional healthcare can be expensive, dogmatic, and rely on heavy supplement use. We promise you that we will avoid wasting your time and money. We have diligently studied what works and what does not to create a model of care that is effective and waste-free.

We offer a free 15 minute Discovery Call to prospective patients to make sure we are the right fit for you.

Free Discovery Call

other Information

  • We offer virtual video visits to individuals across the US and internationally
  • We are not a conventional medical practice and do not diagnose and treat disease
  • We do not prescribe and defer to your local physician for medication management
  • We are unable to bill insurance or create super-bills

Let’s Get You Back to Your Life.

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Game Changing Results

It’s just been wonderful to trust your recommendations, go forward, and then bam, they work. I’m happy.


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Beating SIBO​

The best move I made was starting up with you and really getting someone who knows how to stop the SIBO relapse from going on, and I’m so happy I did…


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Overcoming Brain Fog & Depression

I came in with insane brain fog, and depression. I was a really happy person, so that was new for me. In 3 or 4 months it was pretty much gone.


We offer a free 15 minute Discovery Call to prospective patients to make sure we are the right fit for you.

Free Discovery Call

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