Become a Patient

Practical, scientifically-validated and cost effective care.

Dr. Michael Ruscio, DNM, DC and his team of doctors are accepting new patients, both locally and distance. Patients can be seen via our HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform.

How much will this cost?

It’s difficult to list an exact amount because different people will require differing amounts of care. However, Dr. Ruscio and his team pride themselves on being cost-effective with his care.

What does that mean?

It means Dr. Ruscio and his team will not order frivolous testing, prescribe unnecessary treatment, or do anything else that could squander your financial resources.

This is one area where fees can quickly add up. However, we hope you will be relieved to hear that Dr. Ruscio and his team are able to obtain excellent results with minimal lab testing. In most cases he may only require roughly $150-300 of testing, and in some cases no initial lab testing will be required. Dr.Ruscio also suggests or requires minimal follow up testing, if any.

Dr. Ruscio and his team usually asks to see a patient once a month while being treated. It is not required to come in person unless seeking insurance coverage or depending on the severity of the case, treatment length can range from three months to over a year.

Cost is heavily dependent on the person. Dr. Ruscio and his team always opt for the most minimal treatment, and his goal is to get you to a point where you no longer require treatment as quickly as possible.

Our care is consistently less expensive than the majority of functional medicine care. This is because he places special emphasis on reducing the hidden costs of lab testing and ongoing treatment that are often found in other functional medicine environments.

What is the Process?

Step 1

New Patient Deposit & Pre-Exam Assessment​

$255.00 Deposit
Applied towards the Initial Bundle in Step 2 
Includes 1 Session with the Ruscio Institute Trained Health Coach

✅  20-minute Pre-Exam Assessment

This preliminary assessment is an opportunity for our Ruscio Institute Trained Health Coach to get to know you and introduce you to the processes in our clinic as well as review and clarify any ambiguity in your paperwork. We want your clinic experience to be successful.

Step 2

Initial Exam & Follow Up Bundle

$599.00 after $255 Deposit is paid ($854.00 Total)
Includes 2 sessions with your doctor
✅ 40-minute Initial History and Exam 

  • Your practitioner spends 35-45 minutes in preparation

✅ 20-minute Follow-Up Session 

  • Your practitioner spends 20-25 minutes in preparation

During your Initial History and Exam visit, the doctor will review:

  • Your health and medical history
  • Your diet and lifestyle
  • Function of the key body systems related to your ailment
  • The history, onset and key characteristics of your illness
  • Medications and supplements

The goal here is to really get to know you and what specific root cause is leading to your condition.

During your first follow-up visit the doctor will provide you with a Report of Findings. This is where the doctor will:

  • Explain what he thinks is causing your health ailment
  • Explain what testing should be performed for diagnosis and/or to help rule out suspected conditions. Please note if you have insurance we will do his best to do as much of the lab testing through your insurance as possible.
  • An therapeutic diet tailored to you
  • A personalized lifestyle plan
  • Your initial treatment program
  • Provide a prognosis & explain how long your recovery may take
Step 3

Ongoing Follow Up Visits

$225 – $295
per 20-minute Session with your doctor

During Follow-Up Visits the doctor will:

  • Monitor your response to treatment
  • Explain any new lab findings
  • Adjust treatment based upon laboratory findings and your level of responsiveness
  • Order any follow up testing needed as treatment progress
  • Work to improve your health as soon as possible

Why do patients choose Dr. Ruscio?

Put simply, because Dr. Ruscio strives to get patients well, quickly and cost effectively. Dr. Ruscio strongly believes that care in Integrative and Functional Medicine has become overly costly and often involves unnecessary testing and treatment, thus wasting a significant amount of a patient’s time and money. Additionally, he is concerned that some of the testing and treatment often done are based upon dogma and not sound science, which is why he is conducting research at the clinic.

Some patients begin to feel better within days to weeks, while for others it may take months. This is highly specific to the individual, and Dr. Ruscio and his team can provide you a specific prognosis during your Report of Findings visit.

While its challenging to make a guarantee in health care, we believe Dr. Ruscio and his team provide care you can’t get anywhere else.

Here is why: Dr. Ruscio dedicates three days per week to digging through the medical literature to stay abreast of the best testing and treatment options available. He also analyzes results from in-office research, where he reviews patient treatment results to identify key patterns in order to make treatment more effective. Dr. Ruscio is also collecting data on unique treatments he offers in the clinic, the results of which he hopes to have published in a peer review medical journal. Dr. Ruscio is passionate about tracking patient outcomes. Instead of blindly following current dogma, Dr. Ruscio is determined to use those tracking outcomes to uncover which treatments work and which treatments don’t.

We recommend you watch Dr. Ruscio’s numerous patient testimonials, where you will likely find several people with your exact complaints he has helped: