Even Functional Medical Doctors Get it Wrong


Case Study

Brittany was 33 when she came to our clinic after being diagnosed with, and prescribed medication for, hypothyroidism. This treatment plan was given to her by a famous thyroid doctor, considered to be an expert in the field.

Despite trying several different thyroid medications, Brittany’s symptoms continued to worsen. She presented with classic symptoms of gut dysbiosis including gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue, and insomnia.

Our Approach

After reviewing Brittany’s previous thyroid tests, I was shocked to find her TSH and T4 levels were well within the normal standard. Despite her chief complaints being gastrointestinal and her thyroid levels falling within the normal range she was diagnosed and medicated for a thyroid condition that was not medically substantiated.

At Brittany’s first visit we took what we knew from her previous treatment and current symptoms and went back to the basics.

6 weeks after starting this treatment Brittany reported symptom improvement in all areas. She was also able to reintroduce foods without symptom recurrence.

This is a clear example that despite the best of intentions, healthcare providers make mistakes. Even functional medical providers. In this article, we’ll discuss what sets our clinic apart and how our team can assist you in getting healthy and getting back to your life.

The Problem with Functional Healthcare

Experiences like Brittany’s happen because functional health routinely misdiagnoses patients, uses unnecessary testing, and creates costly medical bills with subpar results.

We understand these struggles. That’s why we’ve pioneered a model of functional health that puts you first and safeguards you from these issues.

All too often we hear similar stories from our patients. Regardless of whether they came from a conventional or functional medical doctor the stories of misdiagnosis [1], unnecessary medications [2], and lack of treatment success are real and prevalent.

Thyroid patients, like Brittany, often benefit from uncomplicated solutions directed at improving gut health. That’s because gut and thyroid conditions are linked [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] and so-called thyroid symptoms may actually be caused by gut inflammation.

Treating the gut imbalances that cause inflammation leads to symptom improvement. Our patients typically see symptom improvement in multiple areas, including:

  1. Improved mood
  2. Increased energy
  3. Decreased feelings of depression and anxiety
  4. Clearer thinking
  5. Balanced hormones
  6. Improved digestion

Our goal is to get you results as quickly as possible.

What We’re Doing to Make Sure We Get it Right

At our clinic getting you healthy and back to your life is our number one priority!

We do this through practical, scientifically-validated, and cost-effective care. We continually examine new research while only bringing what is valid, tried, and true to our patients.  

Our physicians have published in peer reviewed medical journals and continue to provide new functional health research [11, 12, 13].

Getting Back to Living

Once you’ve regained your health it’s time to get back to living.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to maintain your health and get back to the life you enjoy. A life where you aren’t spending all of your time, energy, and attention on improving your health.

Life should not be lived in fear of food, social outings, hobbies or any of the other things you may have missed out on. It should be filled with the things you enjoy, the people you love, and the health you deserve.

Take the first step toward regaining your health and schedule an appointment with us today.


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