Integrative functional medicine doctor and her young patient

How Integrative Family Medicine Can Improve Your Well-Being

Over the years, there has been a growing demand for integrative family medicine in the United States. The data suggests that about one in four patients uses alternative treatments (alongside conventional medicine). As a total, Americans’ expenditures on conventional and alternative medicine are roughly $21.2–$32.7 billion. In comparison, traditional medical costs stand at $29.3 billion…

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Low Histamine Diet: Your Guide to How It Helps Your Gut

If you regularly experience allergy-like symptoms outside of allergy season, you may have histamine intolerance. Unlike food intolerance, symptoms of histamine intolerance gradually present themselves over time instead of immediately after eating. Diet is one way to counter histamine intolerance. Since many foods contain varying levels of histamine, it’s impossible to follow a histamine-free diet.…

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